Don Manuel Osorio Manrique De Ziga

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Simply put, Don Manuel Osorio Manrique De Ziga is a great piece of art. The colours used in the piece were very well used. The meaning was very easy for me to find in the piece. I had also learned a very important life lesson from the piece. Don Manuel Osorio Manrique De Ziga captures how fleeting a child’s innocence can be through its powerful colours and imagery.
The thing that was most prominent in this piece was the range of colours used. Firstly, almost all the colours highly contrast with each other. The first thing that immediately popped out to me was the little boy in the picture. His outfit was a bright red while the rest of the piece was muted earth tones. It makes the boy the focal point and helped me find what I feel is the meaning of the peace. Secondly, the muted earth tones work very well with piece. No colours stand out in particular, which I think was the goal with this piece. The piece is comprised of mossy, almost sickly looking greens and dark chocolate brown, giving off the vibe that maybe the painting was really old, even went it was first revealed. Thirdly, all the colours in the picture feel very cold and distant. The red is almost too bright, and isn’t a warm, easy on the eyes type of red. The greens, grays and browns feel cold and damp, and bring no comfort into the piece. The colour of the child skin himself is very pale, the whole painting not with a hint of warmth or comfort in any part of the piece. The colours of Don Manuel Osorio Manrique De
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