Don Quixote By The Spanish Author Cervantes

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Essay Don Quixote, a novel by the Spanish author Cervantes, is widely considered the first modern novel because of the depth of character development within the story (Q&A, p. 3). One such well-developed character is Sancho Panza, a lowly peasant who follows Don Quixote throughout the story and is witness to his many adventures. The reason for Sancho’s dedication to Don Quixote is multi-faceted and stems from his greed for personal riches and fame, his curiosity about Don Quixote’s madness, and his eventual true loyalty to his master. Sancho’s ability to change his tune depending on the situation makes him one of the more complex and interesting characters in the novel. Many of the qualities that he possesses contradict one another; for example, he can be a greedy opportunist, but at the same time, he serves his master well on many occasions. Another example of Sancho’s complexity is seen when Don Quixote often comments upon Pancho’s uneducated simplemindedness; however, several times in the story Sancho displays a surprising amount of practical wisdom. Also, at times throughout the novel, Sancho berates Don Quixote for his delusional fantasies, but at other times, Sancho allows himself to be caught up in Don Quixote’s madness. As is the case for most real life people, Sancho Panza is full of contradictions and flaws, but these faults help to make him one of the most realistic characters in the novel. From Sancho’s first appearance in the novel (First Part, Chapter VII), as
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