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Anyone who reads Don Quixote for the first time inevitably has some preconceptions about it, beginning with the dictionary def MIGUEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA was born in Alcala de Henares in Spain near Madrid in 1547. Nothing is certainly known about his education, but by the age of twenty-three, he enrolled in the army as a private soldier. He was maimed for life in the battle of Lepanto and was taken captive by the Moors on his way home in 1575. After five years of slavery, he was ransomed; and two or three years later, he returned to Spain. He settled in Madrid and began a moderately successful literary career, in which he wrote poetry, published a pastoral romance, La Galatea(1585), and had some twenty to thirty plays…show more content…
Persiles and Sigismunda, a Byzantine romance, was posthumously published in 1617. In this period, he lived in Madrid, widely admired in the literary circles. Towards the end, the patronage of the archbishop of Toledo and the Count of Lemos somewhat eased his chronic poverty. Cervantes died in 1616. The moving prologue to Persiles, written when Cervantes was in his deathbed, contains his farewell to life, and specifically, to laughter and friends. In April, 2005 people all over the world will be celebrating the fourth centenary of the first publication of Don Quixote. Hailed as the first modern novel in world literature it has been translated into more than 60 languages and at the same time, owing to their widespread representation in art, drama, and film, the figures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are probably familiar visually to more people than any other imaginary characters in world literature. Don Quixote has had a tremendous influence on the development of prose fiction. The book depicts the story of an idealistic Spanish nobleman from a village somewhere in La Mancha. As a result of reading many tales of chivalry, he comes to believe that they are historically true and that he is a knight who must combat the world's injustices. Mounted on bony Rozinante, clad in makeshift armor, and accompanied by Sanzo Panza as his squire, this hidalgo goes through the countryside in search of adventure, interpreting

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