Don T Blame The Eater

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Who would have thought that people would start suing fast food corporations for making them fat or obese? Roughly 600,000 people have died due to obesity, such as heart failures. Fast food has been around since the 19th century. Lawyers have tried to file several lawsuits towards this. Not just Americans need to realize this. The situation should be an international problem to society. As a society, people need to wake up and become aware that obesity is killing nearly as many citizens as cigarettes are. 16 through 27 year olds need to do their best to prevent the consumptions of unhealthy foods. They’re the next generation, a change needs to occur. People are responsible for what they put in their own mouths. Fast food is getting popular by the day because of the cheap price that has its benefits. Consumers should eliminate the consumption of all unhealthy foods because it leads to obesity, heart failures, and diabetes. There are a variety of foods people can choose like fast food to eat. Especially teenagers that always consume too much sugar or calories who don’t even realize what they’re…show more content…
In David Zinczenko’s article Don’t Blame The Eater(November 23, 2002) he constantly blames the consumer for having a terrible eating habits. He talks about how people are suing the cooperations for making the way they are. What ever happened to self responsibility? He continually blames the consumer. His proposal was to prevent parents to consume fast food which could lead to the children. Throughout the article he gives dominant statistical information and also trying to give the reader some sympathy towards what they are doing to ruin the eating habits. He tends for the consumption of all bad food to stop and healthy foods to start being consumed. The community needs to their best to prevent any of these for this to happen. The unhealthy path of eating could lead to some indisputable

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