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Don’t blame the eater by David Zinczenko is an essay that talks about the obesity crisis in America with the youth. David argues that childhood obesity is mainly caused by the easy access to fast no healthy foods. This essay is an effective argument because he reflects back o0n his own personal experience, sites information from health institutes and breaks down the calories from an unknown fast food restaurants healthier options
One of the reasons that this is an effective argument is because that Zinczenko has supporting facts from the National Health Institute regarding Type 2 Diabetes in children. He states that the percentile went from being 5 percent to being 30 percent in the matter of years. Zinczenko says that the reason for the big
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Him making the connection makes the author better think about what they may put in there body that isn’t so healthy. He says that a salad from this restaurant is about 450 calories but when paired with the dressing that most people believe to be one serving but in fact is two and half servings totals out the meal to being 1,040 calories the same amount that most fast food restaurants burgers are.
In the opening paragraph Zinczenko says that kids are suing these major fast food joints because they became obese and now have health problems. Zinczenko goes back and forth with his option about this and eventually says that it is in fact not the eaters fault but the restaurants pervading them with these non healthy meals. The author also makes a point that it is easier to find a McDonalds or a Burger King then to find a place to get a fresh grapefruit. Him saying this makes the reader think if this wasn’t true would they still be obesity.
With all of these points being made from the factual information to the personal experience to the decoding of a healthy fast food meal we can see that this essay is indeed an effective argument that make the reader think and wonder about what they’re

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