Don 't Always Trust Everything You Read Essay

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Don’t always trust everything you read. I know what you are thinking, in the world of technology that should be a common place thought. What I am referring to in this instance is self assessments. The ones that are supposed to help you better understand something about yourself or how you behave. Growing up in the public school system, there are countless different teaching methods. The student is usually left up to the mercy of the instructor. There are definitely students who do not exceed in these environments. They have taken assessments that say they learn one way, but the material is taught in another. For that kid the assessment is correct. That brings me to a saying I have adopted throughout life. For every rule, there is an exception. What I mean is, those assessments are accurate for the majority of individuals. The exception is the few who break the mold. Throughout elementary school, I figured out that I was a really adaptable person. One year I have a teacher who was hands on with everything. If they wanted to teach geography, we would color maps. If they wanted to teach math, we would count out candies, even for multiplication. The very next year, however, I had a teacher who would only read from the textbook. There were no deviations, nothing fun, only listening. I didn’t think anything of it. To me it was just another school year. I sat back and witnessed some of my school mates struggling and couldn’t understand since they excelled so well the year prior.
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