Don 't Cry By Martin Luther King Jr.

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Warriors Don’t Cry Essay On Monday, it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This day is to reflect on the past, see all the good that has been accomplished, and the work that still needs to be done for minorities. This holiday is very different for white suburban children who simply think it’s a blessing that there is no school, who are completely oblivious to the oppression that African Americans faced and continue to face today. White suburban children have probably never heard of the Little Rock Nine. If they have, it 's because they had to learn about it or take an F. White suburban kids will never face the hatred and discrimination that Melba or the rest of the Little Rock Nine encountered. In the book Warriors Don’t Cry Melba and the rest of the Little Rock Nine had to overcome extraordinary obstacles that white suburban children will never have to face. Nine school children were trying to get an education and were treated inhumanely. The strength that Melba endured is inspiring. Anytime anyone comes face to face with an obstacle, it can be very difficult. It can be especially difficult if you are an African American growing up in Arkansas in the 1950’s. Melba is confronted with numerous situations that are uncomfortable even for the reader. One pivotal moment is when Melba realizes that her father cannot protect her from the white man. She realizes this when she and her family are at the grocery store and the grocer Mr. Waylan overcharges them. Melba 's father wanted to
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