Don 't Dress For Dinner

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Infused with humorously ludicrous and riveting performances by the actors, appropriately paced directing, lavishing and realistic scenery, brilliant lighting, and impressive and opulent costumes, Cal State Fullerton’s production of Marc Camoletti’s Don’t Dress for Dinner, directed by Mark Ramont, arouses laughter and actively engages the audience to this boisterous and farcical comedy through the hysterical plotlines until the jubilance finale. Through a rush of hyperactive and frantic energy, Dylan David Ferris, who played Bernard, the husband of the house, opened up the play for the audience with non-verbal movements that seemed to imply that he was hurrying do something urgent and helped create a comical atmosphere. Developing an impactful first impression, the actors were all very convincing when it comes to bringing their exuberant characters to life through hilarity and pulling off a British accent with ease. Even though every performer was successful in delivering an astonishing performance, the two performers that made a lasting impact and were most successful were Chelsea Harvey as Jacqueline, Bernard 's wife, and Autumn Rose Paramore as Suzette, the cook turned mistress, actress, niece, model, and a plethora of other roles. What made these performances stand out was the authenticity that seemed to play through their verbal and nonverbal communication as well as comic timing, which was quite precise. Harvey was compelling and perfectly convincing as an
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