Don 't Go On Trial, Shaun

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I don 't want to go on trial, Shaun. Get me out of here because I 'm innocent. - There will be a trial. - Do your job and find the killer. I 'll talk to the parole board. God knows what 's in the depth of our hearts, Ma. I need Him to intervene and help Mxolisi. But it 's too late now. Mxolisi chose his dark path. 
 Ma, this is such a mess. It says here... "Two criminals were arrested in connection with car hijackings..." "in KwaMashu and the greater KZN."
 "They are Mxolisi Xulu, the son of a convicted criminal..." "who has been denied bail because of his parole violations..." "while his accomplice, Zweli Maphumulo, is out on R10,000 bail."
 "It would seem that Mxolisi learnt a lot from the man who raised him."
 "Some even say that he has taken over from Muzi Xulu..."
 "who was also known as Gxabhashe."
 They 've mentioned you too, Ma. Me? - About dating and killing Zakhele. - They 're full of nonsense!
 They 're making us out to be the mafia family of KwaMashu. What nonsense! 
 I 've brought some milk. Do you want some tea? Smangele? What 's wrong? Sister, why are you crying? On top of everything that I have to deal with, this as well? Why is this all happening to me? Smangele, I don 't know what you 're talking about. - What are you talking about? - This is more than I can take, Zweli. This is too much. Okay. Are you talking about my arrest? Why must everything be about you? How will I know, then? We,

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