Don 't Judge A Book By Its Cover

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In the United States, the term "pit bull" has been applied to breeds such as American and English bulldogs, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and American Pit Bull terriers, as well as mixes of these and other breeds (Cohen, J., & Richardson, 2002). These animals are unfairly judged because what people put out on the media for most people to watch. The media brainwashes many people to think pit bulls are ferocious, uncontrollable, pit fighting animals and they started banning them in some states with the numbers growing. People should not judge a book by its cover. Pitbull’s have good qualities; some people may disagree or agree. Now is the time to agree because of what these dogs provide for the community. Let’s focus on the good qualities of a Pitbull has to offer that is not broadcasted to the media. Banning pit bulls will not stop the vicious attacks of dog biting. Banning of pit bulls in United States Pitbull’s do have a record of attacking people but it goes with circumstances and ownership as well. People social and areas of living play a big role how the dogs act. The media only puts how many bites a Pitbull does rather than informing what other damage other dogs do into the picture. According of the Sacramento City Clerk, 204 of the 622 dog bites were perpetrated by pit bull terriers (Office SCCs, 2013). The statistics also show that both German shepherds (including mixes) and mixed-breed dogs were each responsible for more bites than pit
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