Don 't Laugh At Me, Laugh With Me ! Supported By The Wounded Veterans

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Don’t laugh at me, laugh with me! Supported by the Wounded warrior project a group of wounded veterans have found a way to use laughter to uplift society without being affected by the emotional or physical tragedy that they have been through. The purpose of not allowing the tragedy to turn them away from a pleasant or positive state of being. The Comedy warriors are made of five wounded veterans from different wars. Watching the dvd of the comedians is a delightful way to be entertained, but it also supports the cause of the organization. The Comedy Warriors purpose is to hold a mirror up to society to reflect its tragedy has turned these warriors into Up lifters of the world sponsored by individuals who love comedy.
The purpose of the Comedy Warriors is to reflect a clear image of victory by using laughter. Suffering from different disastrous events these wounded veteran’s jokes and giggles are used to soothe the soul of the many people who watch the show that these veterans put on.”They say laughter is the best medicine, and for the injured servicemen and women featured in the new documentary "(Comedy Warriors) Using a different approach to healing that is not prescribed by a doctor. “Healing through Humor, healing comes not only through laughing themselves, but through making others laugh as well.” (McKay) This method is unlike anything that most people have experienced, but it takes into one’s heart and soul and begins the healing process within.“Comedy Warriors are an
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