Don 't Let Them Take You Alive

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As John ¨Sid Vicious” Beverly, the bassist/ lead singer in the band the S-x Pistols said, “Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy, and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible, but don’t let them take you alive.” Beverly was a man who was against authority his whole life. He was part of an English pop punk band that created songs such as "God Save the Queen", which was about mocking the monarchy and creating chaos on the Queen 's silver jubilee, which is the 25th anniversary of her being on the throne, and"Pretty Vacant", which was about someone with just a pretty face, but an empty head. He challenged authority through all aspects of his life, with his band against…show more content…
T.J. is also described as a ¨stocky, robust boy¨ which means that he is a strong boy, with a big body type who is very healthy. By including these words that describe T.J. as strong and healthy, the author could have been showing that the gang of boys on the roof are sickly or weak. T.J doesn´t know that he is different, all he knows is that is normal to himself, and that the gang of boys on the roof are the weird ones. He also stands out because he doesn 't know the ways of the city like the other boys do. T.J. talks about his acre of corn and cotton that he could tend to and take care of, while the other boys are really confused on what T.J. is talking about. The narrator talks about T.J. in that he is ¨strange and different and [the boys are] all attracted by his stolid sense of rightness and belonging, maybe by the strange softness of his voice contrasting [their] own tones of speech into harshness¨(101). Here, T.J. is talking about his farm and is captivating the gang´s imagination. T.J. even talks different from the gang, with his quiet tones and his ¨softness¨ in his voice, possibly meaning that he has a Southern drawl. With his different way of speaking, he contrasts with the harsh city words and speak, and makes the boys all wonder who he really is. They all want to gain the unique sense that he belongs anywhere and that he can do anything.
At this point, T.J. has the boys enthralled by his stories, and they
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