Don 't Let Things Get Too Negative

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9. Don 't Let Things Get Too Negative

You know what stresses you out and makes you upset. It may be a messy house. It may be procrastination. It may be arriving late to an appointment. The best way to remove negative thoughts around these things is to put plans of action in place to prevent them.

For instance:

- Create a daily routine to keep your house clean.

- Organize your daily tasks in a way that allows you to do them easily.

- Always give yourself an extra 20 minutes to get somewhere.

By taking positive action on the things that knowingly stress you out and make you think negatively, you can reduce a lot of negative thoughts and make room for a lot of positive thoughts.

10. Remember, This Too Shall Pass

It 's hard to think positively when you are focused don something negatively. This is why you have to shift your focus from that negative thing and keep moving forward with your life.

Looking back on your life you can probably remember bad moments that you thought were going to make your life miserable. Job losses, school bullies, and failed attempts at things you wanted can all make the world feel really bad at the time, but their impact on our life passes. We move on and our emotions heal with time.

Remembering that every negative situation passes can help you ease the pain and negative emotions that come with it. In fact, recognizing this truth can help you decide to move on quicker than normal. The recognition that it will get better is often enough to…

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