Don 't Miss The Train

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Larry Rayvon Hall Jr
Shannon Ponack
English 112 N13N
12 September 2016 Don’t Miss the Train
Mass transit has a long history in Hampton Roads. Electric trolley operator on both sides of the Hampton Roads area from before the turn of the 20th century under the operation of several different railway companies. From the 1920’s to through the 1940’s buses gradually replaced the streetcars. Extending the Tide to Virginia Beach would improve the overall transportation network. The project will also help foster the growth of transit-oriented development and extending the light rail will also keep the door open for consideration of future transit expansion. Some of the benefits of the expansion will include better transportation into the city, and provide a better energy source and better air quality and an increase in tourist attractions. The Commonwealth of Virginia 's Department of Rail & Public Transportation is studying possible extensions to The Tide in several different directions within the multi-city Hampton Roads area (HRT 3).
Hampton Roads Transit, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization, and local cities are exploring extensions of the starter line. Possible extensions might run north to the Norfolk Naval Base, east to the Virginia Beach oceanfront and resort area, west of Portsmouth, and south of Chesapeake.
On November 1999, the City of Virginia Beach
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