Don 't Not Wear A Helmet

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Motorcycles are probably some of the coolest things in the world to eight-year old kids. I was lucky enough to grow up around motorcycles, and some of the kindest people I have ever met; bikers. My dad and his best friend, Ken, had ridden motorcycles together since their junior year of high school. They both saved up all the money they had earned from bailing hay to buy their motorcycles. Being reckless, as most teenage boys are, they developed the bad habit of not wearing helmets while riding. In 2008, Ken’s life was cut short after a fatal motorcycle accident. He was on his way home from work when a woman in a large suburban switched lanes and did not see him on his motorcycle. Ken swerved in an attempt to get out the woman’s way, but lost control of his motorcycle and somehow ended up on the other side of the median. His bad habit got the best of him; wearing a helmet could have potentially saved his life. Due to his choice to not wear a helmet, he left behind three children and a wife. Multiple Neurologists who saw Ken in his short stay in the hospital all agreed the one-inch layer of foam could have provided him a much better outlook than spending the rest of his life in a hospital bed connected to a ventilator, unresponsive. His wife made the very tough decision to remove him from the ventilator as he was brain dead from the impact with the ground. When riding in a car, it is a requirement to wear a seat belt. All over bulletin boards lining the highways the slogan…

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