Don 't Pay For Their College Education

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If someone hands another a one-hundred-dollar bill and tells them do with it what they will, there exist the small minority that will use it responsibly. The rest of the population will spend that money on something they don’t need or something they wanted but couldn’t afford on their own. When a college student’s parents hand them several thousand dollars to spend on their education, there is little doubt at least a portion of that money will be used irresponsibly. The article “Want your kids to succeed? Don’t pay for their college education.” Written by Susan Adams discusses the outcome of parents simply relinquishing large sums of money into their children’s hands and the effect it has on their education. For the most part, Susan’s argument that parents paying for their kids’ education harms their success is correct, but she does not offer a proper solution to the problem presented. The article cites several research studies and their findings as evidence to back up her argument. According to a paper written by Laura Hamilton, the more money parents contribute to their children’s education, the worse they performed grade-wise. The assumption made by parents is that if their kids are not burdened by loans or jobs, they will have more time to study. Not surprisingly, those students spend their extended free time participating in more leisure activities. In other words, they spend more time partying. Any college student can attest to this fact, mostly because they spend

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