`` Don 't Run ``

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“DON’T RUN!” is a phrase my dad has been telling me for the last 29 years because I was born with a form of left and right knee dislocations and was expected to be wheelchair bound for the rest of my life. Shortly after birth, I was referred to a pediatrician that cast my legs for 5 months, changing the casts out weekly. Because of my pediatrician’s love of medicine, I live with no physical restrictions. As I grew older, I began to appreciate my blessings while developing a passion for impacting and healing others in the medical field. My “don’t run” mentality, as I like to call it, became an unshakeable plague. Throughout early adulthood, “I can’t” was the creed I would follow. My lack of confidence and immaturity led to many of my downfalls, which included several failed attempts at completing my undergraduate degree. At age 21, I withdrew from college mid-semester, married and moved to Japan with my husband. I suffered a miscarriage shortly after, which was the final devastation that fueled my desire to accomplish more for myself. I re-enrolled and proudly finished my BS in Psychology. Following college and a divorce, I worked as a retention specialist at Time Warner. I found great satisfaction in resolving complex issues and delivering excellent customer care. I won several awards during my two-year tenure with the company for going above and beyond for my clients and peers. However, I was determined to pursue a career in the medicine, but I was still unsure in what
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