Don 't Take My Word For Yourself

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You know I think that it just might be but... don 't take my word for it read on and decide for yourself, I personally own two GameCube consoles a purple coloured one and the other is a platinum one and at some point I may go for the missing black one just to be a little cheeky... nah if I was to be cheeky I would already have one of the extremely rare pearl ones in my sights. A Little bit of History. We all know the GameCube did not last very long as the competing consoles had more support and many more developers churning out titles and managed to force Nintendo to pack the GameCube in and move on to try a newer concept but before that happened the guys and gals at Nintendo tried to drum up sales by signing exclusive rights to some franchises, as a result of that attempt to boost sales we saw the Resident Evil series rebooted and new titles added exclusively on the GameCube as a deal was signed with Capcom for exclusive GameCube releases and also Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes was a massive deal along with a few others but it was not enough to boost sales and in the end they just packed it in, of course the rival systems had some serious firepower of their own with the likes of Kill zone, Gran Turismo, (PlayStation) Halo, (Xbox) and of course Grand Theft Auto on both. The GameCube was also the smallest of the three systems which a lot of gamers did not like, I personally love the fact that the console is small but most of the community did not and at just 11cm in
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