Don 't Tell Your Secrets

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Hey, I know it hasn 't been a while since we talked, but for me it seemed like forever. Just yesterday I sent you messages but you didn 't reply, which is odd because you keep telling me that we 'd only stop talking with each other once were dead. Are you still alive? Just kidding I know you are or else you won 't be reading this letter. We 've been friends ever since we are young that 's why I know everything about you. Also, you tell me your secrets. Your deepest and darkest secrets. Don 't worry I won 't judge you for everything you have done because I accept you for who you are and what you 've become. There is something though. I have a secret that I haven 't been telling you because I don 't what to be a hindrance to your…show more content…
Every time you go there you wore revealing clothes or maybe try and make him something to eat. His wife hated you and you heard them fight over you. That made you so happy so I didn 't stop you. Until one day after class, he called you out to talk in private. I saw your eyes bursting with joy because finally you could be alone with him. But then when you left the room your eyes are swollen in tears. I immediately took you home even though it 's still twelve noon. You always hated when someone sees you cry except me. At home you told me everything. You told me that he love his wife and he will stop the tutoring crap that you guy are doing and you won 't be allowed in his class anymore. You almost lost yourself right there. You even ask me to kill you but you changed your mind. You told me that you want his wife to be gone. It is dangerous and illegal to kill but if it makes happy I am more than glad to get her for you. Our final exams is almost over and most of our teachers are busy judging our intelligence with a paper full of crap we can 't even use in our life. This is the perfect time you told me. He 's going to be in school most of the time so he won 't even notice his wife is missing. Friday morning, I went to their house. Mrs. Miller knows me because I went there with you sometimes. She opened the door and welcomed me, once I 'm in I went inside and

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