Don 't Vote And Run

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Don’t Vote and Run
In 2013, Pennsylvania was ranked 3rd in the country for global warming pollution. Pennsylvania is at risk of falling behind on key environmental indicators that will impact economic policy at the state level for years to come.

Pennsylvanians needs a State Representative who will do more than just cast a positive vote in support of environmental protection policies. The state needs a representative who has experience building a grassroots organizations to affect positive change. Jared Solomon has brought Big Bellies along our main business corridors, placed receptacles in strategic areas throughout our neighborhood, built a volunteer network of 500 active participants, and founded Take Back Your Neighborhood, a community
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Roughly 72% of the water used for Marcellus Shale drilling is derived from natural water sources in Pennsylvania. Additional water is purchased or collected from rainwater.

Pennsylvania shale is maintained to be high value, producer, but research suggests that it is not clear how much natural gas can be extracted from U.S. shale as a long-term strategy.

Pollution in Pennsylvania is largely attributed to factory emissions and outdoor air quality issues that directly affect the overall health of the state’s population. If left unchecked, the pollution could lead to chronic respiratory diseases like asthma.

Hydraulic Fracking in PA
Fracking in Pennsylvania has become a contentious topic between big oil companies and environmentalists who oppose hydraulic fracking. According to Marcellus Shale fracking has made Pennsylvania the 3rd the largest producer of natural gas in the nation. The oil company supports more than 300,000 jobs in Pennsylvania and the number continues to increase. Marcellus Shale has provided more than $34 billion to Pennsylvania’s economy. Other achievements include energy production in Pennsylvania helped to save state and local governments $19 billion and public schools $45.5 billion between 2012 and 2013. Marcellus Shale has helped Williamsport, Pennsylvania become the seventh fastest growing metropolitan area in America. People in the Williamsport believe the Marcellus Shale helped to transform the city by creating jobs and
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