Essay on Dona Flor And Her Two Husbands

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Western world convention dictates, primarily through religious teachings, that a marriage should be comprised of one male and one female. Polygamy is legal in some countries, under Islamic law, and in some African nations. Based upon their religious and cultural foundations, the system of polygamist marriages has stood successfully for centuries in those countries. In Western culture, there have been attempts to establish polygamist groups, primarily based upon differing religious viewpoints; however, most of these have not been able to withstand the pressure applied by the religious and cultural majority. If one wants to live and prosper in a given society, it is not advantageous to swim too hard against the current.…show more content…
Her void, which she suffered silently, was filled by the presence of her ex-husband’s ghost, which provided her with the passion and excitement she so desperately needed.      Dona Flor wanted different things from each of her husbands. From Vadinho, she wanted passion and excitement. It did not matter to her that he was an alcoholic, abusive husband with an addiction to gambling and prostitutes. As long as she obtained the passion and excitement she craved from Vadinho, it was only her friends and family that objected to the relationship and tried to convince her to leave. She did not want to leave him; even after he beat her, stole her money, and left her for several days. She blamed herself and her inability to have children for much of their problems. Even after his death, she did not want to leave him and her first dream came immediately; it included singing, dancing, drinking, gambling, and wild, passionate sex. In spite of her hating the excessive drinking and gambling, she could only think, “Never again his lips!” Vadinho gave her all the passion and excitement Flor desired. So strong was this passion that it continued, even after his death.      From Dr. Teodoro, she wanted security, stability, and social status. She also needed to put an end to her sexual frustration, as the words of the song she sang while cooking demonstrated: “If your guest

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