Donald Batchelder 's The Green Banana

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Donald Batchelder’s “The Green Banana” conveys readers that we create our own “center” and once individuals leave that “special place” we are able to learn more about the “special geniuses” around us. When we venture out of that secure and comfortable space, then we gain insight on the world around us and educates us on new perspectives. Batchelder gains a new perspective on the different cultures around the world when his car breaks down and needs help. Although, Batchelder puts off his want to “expose his ignorance” by wondering what a banana would do to help his car. The way he admits his ignorance about not understanding why they would use a banana to help him shows that he stays in his “special place” and never ventures out of that. Bachelder’s ignorance is showing when he expresses his views on “America’s higher education”. He makes it seem that American’s are smarter and better than the rest of the world, but that changes when he realizes the “special potential” of the green banana. He is showing himself as arrogant to prove that most of America would see it as the same way. The green banana had never been of any use other than as a food item and once he forces himself to go outside of his “special place," he shows the creativity of the various cultures. The village has little to no education or technological help, they end up having to use other aspects from nature to do that same kind of work, which is different from Batchelder’s norm. This teaches him to not

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