Donald Crump's Theory

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Republican Presidential Nominee Mr. Donald Trump's contemporary issue is his low sensitive to verbal and nonverbal communication and with the crucial time of the election can cause him extremely anxious in establishing positive relationships with his children
Discuss and describe specific intervention and technique
Based on my observations after gaining more knowledge about Mr. Trump's issue the system theory will help the social worker to make sense of a particular issue like Mr. Trump low sensitive to verbal and nonverbal communication and extremely anxious. System theory concept describes human behavior as a complex family system. Also, family system describes the whole is greater than the parts and feedback guides behavior (Jordan, 2016, Slide 3). It is premised of the deal that an effective system is based on individual’s needs, expectations and attributes of the people living in the system. So how Mr. Trump communicates about what is troubling him will give the social worker the cues for the root of the client problems causing him uneasy about establishing positive relationships with his children. Also, the areas to be the main focus of the treatment plan. And after listening to Mr. Trump various life situations, the social worker can now respond with techniques that would promote the skills, knowledge,
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Also, thought and feelings are by-products of the interaction between behavior and environment (Jordan, 2016b, Slide 22). “Communication training” can help emphasizes positive face to face communication with his children, which would help reduce the client’s anxious of the heat of the election (Jordan, 2016b, Slide 23). Additionally, Social worker would educate Mr. Trump about the role of the antecedent, consequences, and cognition’s affecting behavior, to encourage the clients to keep up with the treatment techniques (Jordan, 2016c, Slide
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