Donald J. Trump's Free Enterprise System

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A free enterprise system provides individuals the opportunity to make their own decisions without restrictions from the government, A prime example of an entrepreneur who makes nothing but his own decisions is Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump was born into a wealthy family, his father Fred was also a business man and entrepreneur. It was his fathers real estate company that allowed Donald to start his franchises. When Fred Trump Died, he died with a net wealth of between 250 and 450 million dollars in real estate, he inherited between 40 and 200 million.

Throughout Donald's life success was not easy for him or his businesses. The Trump organization revealed that it was 5$ billion in debt in 1990, with as much as 1$ billion spent by Donald Personally. With all the casinos, hotels, and cars Trump had to create a bailout system that would allow him to take out two to three mortgages on most of properties. Unsurprisingly Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy four times. Although he was in the hole, he was able to get himself out and with that I think that he wouldn't have been able to make any crucial business decisions without the help of many bankers and lawyers but also the use of a free enterprise system.
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Although Donald did not create most of his businesses, he was able to promote the system and self market his ideas, such as buying football teams, hotels, casinos, beauty pageants, television shows, fashion lines and many
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