Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two possible contenders to represent their political parties in the upcoming presidential elections in 2016. After several GOP/Democratic debates, Trump and Clinton have firmly addressed their immigration reform plans, which greatly contrast with one another.
Before running for the presidency, Donald Trump was, and still is, a business magnate. His immigration reform focuses on three fundamental principles in order to “make America great again.” Firstly, Trump believes a nation without a border is simply not a nation, which is a key principle, central to his campaign. Secondly, Trump states that “A nation without laws is not a nation.” Consequently, he is determined to strictly enforce both old and new laws made during his presidency. Lastly, Trump believes that a nation must first prioritize its citizens, in terms of employment, wages and safety (Trump, 2015).
To enforce his first principle, Donald Trump plans to construct a wall along the southern border in between the U.S. and Mexico, which he guarantees the Mexican government will be fully financially responsible for. He strongly believes that the U.S. taxpayers have been directly affected by this situation in terms of increased health care, housing and education costs etc. which are caused by the transfer of crime and poverty that comes with illegal immigration from Mexico (Trump, 2015). Although as a senator, Clinton voted several times to construct a barrier with the intent of…
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