Donald Trump Dishonest Issues

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Over the past several months there has been much controversy and dissention surrounding some of the presidential candidates of this year’s 2016 campaign period. One republican candidate in particular, Donald Trump, has caused a universal uproar with his abusive and abrasive behavior. Trump has displayed ruthless ethics by continually being dishonest, disrespectful, and disobliging throughout his numerous interviews and rallies. What will be the fate of our nation with Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America? If anything has been shown in plain view from Trump’s unethical and dishonest statements, it is that of a raving lunatic. Time after time he has poked at and made fun of his opponents, as well as their supporters’. How could we as people of a supposed caring Christian nation stand for his socially unacceptable actions? We cannot! Trump wants to lead a segregated, tyrannical country that bleeds with
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I attended a Trump rally, here in Baton Rouge on February 11, 2016. While in attendance, he made the remark “bomb isis it will solve our problems.” We the people must take a strong stand against this type of behavior. Our country has suffered many losses with wars and he seems to have confidence in confrontation. Presidential candidate Donald Trump will not take our country to the next level, rather rescind our great nation. His beliefs will only further destroy our already broken homeland. Our nation needs a leader who will fight for equality rather than social injustice throughout our society. We can expect several hardships whether our president be either Democrat or Republican. Although we should understand and accept that Trump’s abusive and abrasive behavior during his 2016 presidential campaign proves that he will not live up to his slogan of “Make America Great Again.” United we stand, divided we
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