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Donald Trump
Have you ever heard of Donald trump? If not he is a 70-year-old man born June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York City. He is a Republican running for president in the election of 2016. I believe he has had a positive effect on the election because I don't think he's just doing it for the money and that he speaks the truth about what the changes the United Sates needs.
The first reason I think Donald trump would be a good president is because he speaks the truth and is honest about what he wants to do to change America. For example, Trump wants to build a wall on the boarder of United States and Mexico so illegal immigrants can’t come into America and commit crimes and not pay taxes because the government doesn’t know that they are illegal
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The reason I think that is because he already has a lot of money, for jobs, he is a business man, television personality, author, investor, politician and more. All together he makes 8.7 billion dollars. The president makes $400,000 per year, therefore I believe Trump isn't dong it for the money because the president makes a lot less than what he does.
Some people such as Muslims, Mexicans, and Democrats might think that Donald Trump has had a negative effect on the presidential election because they might think he says and does mean things to people. But what he wants to do is fix America by, strengthening the army, shut down parts of the internet where Isis can not us it to recruit American people. And provide more funding for police training and a lot more. In my opinion he's saying what should be done to make America better than what it is now.
In conclusion I think that Donald Trump has had a very positive effect on the presidential campaign he speaks the truth and is not just doing it for the money. He has said everything he wants to do to make America great again and I believe the that is what he will do if he becomes the president of the United
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