Donald Trump Election Survey

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The election of Donald Trump changed attitudes showcased in schools across America. The southern poverty law center researched and discusses the effect of the election through a survey conducted by Teaching Tolerance and the information obtained from this surveys on teachers and students behaviors and concerns. After the 2016 presidential election Teaching Tolerance surveyed over 2,000 k-12 teachers on how they believe their schools are being affected by the election. This was an electronic survey conducted on March 23 to April 2, 2016. This survey is considered unscientific, and has a self selected sample. Teaching Tolerance shared this survey on social media and a newsletter, open to any educators wanting to participate. A sample question…show more content…
This election has aspired fear and tension for students in the k-12 setting. One teacher in Arlington, Virginia says, “I try to not bring it up since it is so stressful for my students.” This fear has come to such a drastic extent that many teachers are unsure of what to do and sympathise with students. A teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana also exercises this sympathy by stating, “I am at a point where I’m going to take a stand even if it costs me my position.” Teachers have also noticed increase bullying and harassment towards races, religions, and nationalities that were mentioned during the campaign trail. For example in Queens, New York, an ethnic location, a teacher wrote, “My fifth-graders got in a fist fight on the playground yesterday, it started when one of the boys quoted Donald Trump.” The majority of responses from these surveys Teaching Tolerance collected mentioned negative behavior this election has fostered, also out of the total 5,000 comments 1,000 of those comments mentioned Donald Trump and less than 200 contained other…show more content…
This election distracts students from the main goal they should be trying to achieve, education! Edutopia states “We need all of our emotions for thinking...We are neurobiologically wired, and to learn anything, our minds must be focused and our emotions need to "feel" in balance...When a continuous stream of negative emotions hijacks our frontal lobes, our brain's architecture changes, leaving us in a heightened stress-response state where fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, and sadness take over our thinking, logical brains.” Therefore you can conclude this added stress from the election most likely would impact students academic achievement. A seventh grade social studies teacher named Brent Rathke's also displays the stress of attempting to teach about the current election. An article outlining Mr. Rathke's situation states,”He is not planning to show his students the third presidential debate on Wednesday; he feels the debates have long ago crossed over into inappropriate. Television ads, particularly the ones from Hillary Clinton’s campaign that heavily quote Donald J. Trump, are filled with misogynistic comments.” This election has made it particularly difficult to teach about the american government and current
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