Donald Trump Executive Summary

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This Wall Street Journal article discusses the impact of Donald Trump’s economic policies should he become President. Specifically, Blinder discusses Trump’s ideologies for tax cuts for the rich, his immigration and international trade.
Trump, like most Republicans since Reagan, ascribes the large tax cuts for the rich economic policy. However, Trump feels his tax cuts must be bigger and would result in a $9.5 trillion net loss in revenue during a decade. That is twenty percent of the total federal revenue projected for the same period. This would increase the federal deficit significantly. Trump’s solution to this issue is to recoup this money from the Medicare drug budget. With the number of baby boomers utilizing this governmental service, it is highly likely that these budgetary realignments would mean that federal government, at some point, would be required to subsidize these discrepancies. It would be required to borrow these funds, thus increasing the national deficit. It is an asinine plan.
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Building a wall to prevent illegal immigration from Mexico and an illegal immigrant “round up” are economically unsound. The cost of constructing such a wall would cost approximately $10 million. Trump’s funding solution is to force the Mexican government absorb the cost. Not only is this laughable, but unenforceable. There is no evidence that this cost has a positive return on investment for the United States of America. The presidential candidate’s proposal for marshalling all illegal immigrants and deporting them would be very costly and significantly impactful to our nation’s economy. The cost of deporting three percent of the United States’ population would be exorbitant. The loss of employees willing to work unskilled, low-paying jobs that are essential to our country’s economy would be very
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