Donald Trump : Racism Is Evil

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In a recent press conference, Donald Trump stated “racism is evil”. How can the leader of one of the most influential countries in the world say something this hypocritical? If all racism is evil, what does that make him? If you have not heard of Donald Trump, you have probably been living under a rock since at the very least the middle of 2015 when his presidential campaign begun. Donald Trump is the 45th and current President of the United States of America. Before running for president, Trump was, and still is, a businessman and television personality. He owns multi-million dollar properties and companies and appeared on a multitude of television shows, such as ‘The Apprentice’. Here is a little rundown on what I have learnt about Trump through specific research and generally how he is depicted over social media, news and current affairs program. Donald Trump appears to be misogynistic, sexist, racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, transphobic and homophobic just to name a few. His bigotry is overwhelming and outstanding. This might appear to be impertinent and rather judgmental, however it is justified with an overwhelming amount of evidence. However, today I will primarily be focusing on islamophobia. His presidential campaign exuded a rhetoric that was incendiary and projected his opinionated viewpoint on various minorities and solidified his stance on them. Donald Trump has encouraged, normalised and even started prejudiced, biased and violent behaviour patterns

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