Donald Trump Super Hero Or Villain?

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Donald Trump Super Hero or Villain? Donald Trump, current president, once said, “sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” A president is the leader of country or a division or part of a country. A good president is someone who takes quick action whenever problems threaten the nation, addresses key issues using his or her platform, and is knowledgeable about government. Donald John Trump was born on June 14th, 1946. He is the current 45th president of the United States. Trump was born and raised in Queens, New York City, and earned and economies degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. Sources believe this…show more content…
These colleges and universities were made for the African American community. They have always allowed admission to students of all races but were still predominantly African American. Most historically black colleges were created in the aftermath of the American Civil War and are in the former slave states, although a few notable exceptions exist (Bowie State University located in Maryland). There are 107 HBCUs in the United States, including public and private institutions, community and four-year institutions, medical and law schools. According to Dave Boyer in The Washington Times he states, “President Trump signed an executive order Tuesday aimed at boosting his administration’s support for black colleges, as he seeks a closer relationship with the schools than President Obama had” (1). In this text Dave Boyer declares that Trump signed an executive order to support the historically black colleges. The importance of HBCUs went on with Trump stating in The Washington Post, “education has the power to uplift, it has the power to transform and, perhaps most important, education has the power to create greater equality and justice in our lives” (1). His statement means that the importance of historically black colleges is very significant. He says this while meeting with twenty HBCU leaders. Last but not least, Trump voiced, “that’s why today I am thrilled to be signing an executive order to recognize the importance of historically black colleges and
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