Donald Trump : The Leadership Style Of Donald Trump

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Donald trump is a candidate for the presidency representing the republic party. His leadership style is unconventional and radical. He has no care for foreign policy’s or minorities. He has been compared to president Clinton in several articles with his practices. According to Dodo (2016) “The passage of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994 and the offensive charm of President Clinton to slowly weaken the Unions and expose the working American families to relentless competition from the globalized world economy, planted the seed of the discontentment of the independents, Democrats, low-working class America, and all other angry voters that are flocking to Mr. Trump. Hence, NAFTA, with all fairness, could be considered among one of the most important political legacies of Bill Clinton, together with the repeal of the Glass Seagal Act in 1999. (3) Mr. Trump´s denunciation of the bad trade deals made in the name of free trade, and the never ending closing of factories, and the incessant outsourcing and offshoring of millions of American jobs to countries such as China, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam and India, just to cite a few, resonate very strongly primarily with the blue collar working people that are not sold on the virtue of free trade.” Donald trump is a bad reflection on government and does not represent this country well.
What is a campaign management you may ask? Many companies have a campaign management strategy that will either make the business
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