Donald Trump: The Negative Power Of The Media

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Media is the main means of mass communication that reaches or influences people widely in ways such as broadcasting, publishing, and the internet. The power of the media is extraordinary and can be extremely vital to one’s success. A single news company’s views or portrayal of particular information has the capability of shedding a negative light upon someone to a massive audience. If there is one person who has experienced the gruesome reality of the media and all its harsh criticism and power, that person is President Donald Trump. Not only has the media bashed on Trump and illustrated him in a negative fashion time and time again, but also, he continues to engross himself in the publicity, attempting to use the media to his benefit. There comes a point where enough is enough and Trump should stop caring so much about how the media presents him, however, President Trump has already…show more content…
Dean Baquet, executive editor at the Times, called it unprecedented and said, “Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest.” (Freeman). Every single action done by Trump gets covered by some sort of media company. Nothing goes unseen by a man who encompasses so much power. It makes sense why President Trump wants the media craze to decrease. The media has a special power of not only portraying information in whatever way they desire, but also picking what information they wish to present. James Freeman explains this through the logical fallacy of cherry picking. “CNN happily broadcast repeated references to an accusation-filled “dossier” of negative rumors about Mr. Trump without bothering to confirm they were true.” Media companies are constantly cherry picking only certain information to show the public and do not focus on telling the
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