Donald Trump Thesis

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Many will argue that the perfect president for America is Donald Trump. What most people are not aware of is that Donald Trump is a very blunt and explicit man. In numerous cases, that is a very dangerous and risky thing for him to do. In this year’s presidential election, Donald Trump is running up against Hillary Clinton and his idea of a perfect country is publicized in a video ad. In today's generation, videos have a strong influence on the decisions that are made. The Political Communication Lab ad titled “Watching,” effectively emphasizes Donald Trump’s opinions on America by creating a video of him commenting on different topics in the country supplemented by a variety of people affected by what he says while the video expresses the…show more content…
It starts off with a disabled man sitting on a wheelchair watching Donald Trump on television waving his hands around and stuttering to mock a disabled news reporter. The man in the wheelchair is one of several people that are not able to do what an average person can. The commercial does this to bring attention to how insensitive Donald Trump is against the disabled people who can’t control their actions. The next scene in the ad is a woman that is getting ready for work but before she leaves, she listens to Donald Trump on television saying, “Putting a wife to work can be a very dangerous thing.” The woman is in disgust when she hears him say that. The video does this to indicate how anti-feminist Donald Trump is. Donald Trump says on television, “You have to be wealthy in order to be great.” The older man who watches the screen is working on a machine and obtains the look of being worthless. The commercial does this to point out that success comes from working hard and not by having money which is what Donald Trump believes. Towards the end of the ad, an older man with a hat that has “Korea veteran” stitched to the top, is at a restaurant when on the television, Donald Trump is making a statement about war heroes. He says, “He’s (veteran) a war hero because he was captured, I like people that weren’t captured.” The expression on the veteran’s face was as if what he did in the…show more content…
The desolate music sets the tone for the entire ad and prepares the audience of what type of content will be provided. Accompanied by the music is the way the video itself transitions. It fades from one section to the other. It forms a more dramatic visualization when the video zooms in on the individuals that are being offended by what Donald Trump states. It shows their reactions to what he says. The political commercial itself is in color. It is in color to show that it is a recent video with recent actions from what Donald trump says or does. If the video was in black and white it would reflect on a more older time period and wouldn’t have much of an effect. At the end of the ad, it said, “Donald Trump. Unfit To Be President.” The word “Donald Trump” was smaller and not bolded while “Unfit to be president” was bigger and bolded. The use of the font helped persuade the audience that Donald Trump should not be president. It is bolded to cause more of an effect and point out the issue and the purpose of the commercial.
In conclusion, there are many videos or commercials that show the positive side of Donald Trump but there are also many that show the negative side to Donald Trump. The 2016 presidential election is in the hands of the people that vote. If Donald Trump becomes president, several people will look back at this video and remember him as a man that mocked a disabled
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