Donald Trump 's Foreign Policy

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When Donald trump announced his candidacy it was somewhat of a joke to some of the establish GOP members, but as time went on it became clearer that he is what the American public wanted. Donald Trump is a man that to the public may seem like he has no idea what the is doing, but that is not the truth at all. Walter Meade said that, “In both domestic and foreign policy, this century will be profoundly influenced by the values and concerns of Jacksonian America (Mead 2002, 231).” Donald Trump embodies those Jacksonian principles almost down to the mark, with a small percentage of Jeffersonian thrown in. He believes in first and foremost protecting America and its interests while still protecting the liberties at home, and that is what has shaped and will shape his foreign policy if and when he becomes president.
We will examine how Donald Trumps’ foreign policies align with the Jeffersonian school of thought first. In Jeffersonianism the core belief is that “liberty is infinitely precious, and almost as infinitely fragile (Mead 2002, 183).” This meaning that liberty is the most important thing to Jeffersonian’s. One of Donald Trump’s main proposals is to “protect our constitutional liberties (Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. n.d.).” He sees this as an important and vital part of the governments job, like the Jeffersonians do. Jeffersonians are also skeptical of just about everything, including Washington insiders, which Donald Trump has taken great pride in not being. It…
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