Donald Trump 's Leadership Style

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Leadership traits have been studied to determine what makes certain people great leaders. There is no right way to be a great leader, there are many ways to be a good leader however, studies have shown that all good leaders have similar characteristics. Good leaders are able to recognize problems and opportunities, they can develop a vison and an implementation plan to carry out their vison. They understand that teamwork and the right people are vital in obtaining their end goal. All of the above are specific traits that tie good leaders together. An interesting subject to look at when examining leadership styles is Donald Trump. Trump has always been known for his leadership style throughout the business industry. He has excelled through…show more content…
During the 2000’s Trump started in The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice, an NBC reality TV series that became extremely popular throughout the United States. In 2015 Trump took advantage of his high-profile persona and announced his run for the GOP candidate in the Presidential election of 2016 (Bio). Trumps history has developed and shaped both his personality and leadership skills . Trumps leadership skills are dependent on his personality. When looking at Trumps personality one can see how his leadership skills have developed around it. The article, “The Paradox of Managerial Tyranny”, describes four types of behavior styles, all of which are tyrannical leadership approaches. The egotist, which is one of the four behavior styles best represents Donald Trumps personality. As described in the article, “egotists are motivated strictly by the principles of self-aggrandizement and publicity–seeking. They often attract as much attention with their speeches as with their actions. There is an exaggerated element to their behaviors, and to modest audiences they may see vainglorious (Ma).” In recent public endeavors Trump has been scrutinized because of his controversial behavior and narcissistic personality. Egotists tend to have a huge self-confidence and often are seen as arrogant or selfish. They do not
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