Donald Trump 's Position On Immigration Reform

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Donald Trump’s position on Immigration Reform is unique, one of his major policy changes is to make a wall at the southern border and make Mexico pay for it. Other major points as well is “Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans”(Trump). These first two policies are not very reasonable, assuming that Mexico will pay for a very costly wall at the southern border is concerning. Also, when he says that all immigration plans must improve life for all Americans is unreasonable. There will always be situations where a plan does not improve life for all Americans, but that does not mean the immigration plan should be stopped. On the flip side Donald Trump brings up some strong points like returning illegal immigrants who have committed crimes back to their home country. This policy is a good one, because if someone who is illegally staying here is also committing crimes and just making life harder here in the U.S. they should be deported. Overall the majority of his policies seemed weak and unrealistic. He had a couple good points, but not enough to have a strong immigration reform. Marco Rubio has many different policies he wants to change in the immigration reform. One strong policy that he does bring up is “Making our legal immigration system a merit-based system that encourages innovators will have broad benefits for our economy”(Rubio). This policy seems like a very logical and practical way to improve the economy while letting immigrants
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