Donald Trump’S Election Was Shrouded In Mystery And Conflict.

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Donald Trump’s election was shrouded in mystery and conflict. Foregoing the blatant notes of racism, sexism, fascism, and misogyny, Trump’s campaign also brought about a new discussion regarding relations with Russia. Throughout his campaign, Trump brought up ideas of repairing the deplorable relations between the United States and Russia, sparking debate throughout the political sphere. Specifically, Senator Lindsey Graham called attention to the fact Russia is still a grave threat to United States interests. Even though Trump seeks a better relationship with Russia, they do, in fact, represent a prodigious endangerment to United States interests. The United States should not attempt to find common ground with Russia because it will…show more content…
Instead of becoming closer to Russia, the United States should make sure that Russia does not threaten their power, and keep them in constant military check.
In a similar vein, it is impossible to predict the actions of other states. While Russia may agree to have better cooperation with the United States verbally and on paper, this it not foolproof. Akin to the idea of natural desire for power, Mearsheimer in The Tragedy of Great Power Politics argues that “states can never be certain about other states’ intentions” (Mearsheimer 31). This theory is extremely important for creating a closer relationship with Russia. No matter what Russia claims they will or will not do, the United States can not be certain of Russia’s actions. Moreover, while Russia may claim to want better relations for the greater good, they could be harboring ulterior motives, with the prospect of self-gain lingering below the surface. While this threat is true for all states, the recent and current conflict with Russia makes the situation more complex. During the Cold War, the United States was the only entity standing in the way of Russian dominance, so it is likely that Russia will pounce on any opportunity to eliminate the United States in order to obtain international supremacy. And even if Russia’s intentions are clear on the day of the agreement, state’s intentions can change from day to day (Mearsheimer 31). Today Russia might want to end their age-old conflict with
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