Donate To Education Case Study

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This is a question everyone should reflect upon, it has no easy answer and a lot of things should be taken in consideration, things

such as time are a factor too, how much time would it take to see a change?, how much time do you need to use to make a change?

Poverty is a thing that affects a lot of people and there are several solutions given that there is enough money.

One option is to donate to education. Education is a vital factor in the formation of someone as a person, it often decides what a

person will work on and how much income he will have. It also helps you finding jobs; knowing several languages, for example,

helps in a lot of ways, a lot of industries and corporations search for people with multi-linguistic capacities
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In poor colonies there is a problem with informal labor and the farms they have are

low reward, not giving a lot of food, or even enough for them. By donating to facilities a lot of farms could be created to make work

much easier, more rewarding and better paid. Also by having better facilities the need for more farmers grows, since bigger farms

tend to need a lot more workers.

The main difference in this two options are the possible results and the overall time needed. Building facilities is way faster that

generating professional people that could bring richness to a town. And also there is the risk, generating better education and

scholarships for those who can’t pay school, does not offer a secure solution. There a lot of factors to contribute to this such as

aptitudes, attitudes, and capacity of the students. After getting out of school are they really going to find a stable work, and would

they come back to help the village or town? But generating professionals can come as an ultimate win, since if everything goes

okay, they will come back and start making the town grow.

On the other hand facilities gives a fast solution with low risks, farmers can make a lot of food from their farms and be
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