Donating Can Save The World

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Donating Can Save the World Growing up looking at the homeless people in my community, I would often feel bad for them but I would usually remember a saying in my family, which is “they have arms and legs so they could work”. Often time’s people say sayings like this “they have arms and legs so they could work” but they do not realize that this implies us judging. In some situations, people are also trying to avoid the homeless persons because they do not want to give them money. This may be seen as a selfish act but it could also be viewed as an act of self-preservation since people do not know if the less fortunate people are trustworthy. People are not necessarily trying to understand where that homeless person might be coming from, in which, they jump into conclusions so they won’t have the guilt of not donating or helping. This might be showing a lack of empathy because people do not want to have the responsibility to provide for the basic needs of those less fortunate. Empathy is defined as being able to understanding what the other person is feeling. People do not necessarily have to provide with IPod’s or tablets but with only the basic needs, which are food, shelter and clothing. People should have the responsibility to provide for the basic needs of others, although how they provide should be an individual’s choice because helping others allows society to change for the better.
In order to make society better, people must take responsibility for those less…
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