Donating Human Tissue

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Have you ever witnessed someone steal something from a store or eat in a restaurant and leave before they pay? Although this is a different concept, it is oddly similar to the argument of paying people for donating their tissue. Doctors are making millions of dollars off cures for diseases and vaccines. All the while, breaking many patient privacy laws to do so. We would not have many of the medical breakthroughs we have today if people did not donate their body tissue. Therefore, we owe credit to those who have given tissue to help with modern medical advances. The legal requirements for donating human tissue differ from case to case. Consent must always be given in order to obtain human tissue. The rules of consent vary between children and adults. If adults are alive, then it is absolutely mandatory to have verbal consent. Adults that have…show more content…
Should these patients be compensated? The answer should always be yes to this question.According to Robert D. Truog, Aaron S. Kesselheim, and Steven Joffe, authors of “Paying Patients for their Tissue: The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks,” “If patients own their tissues, even after removal of the tissue from their bodies, then it follows that they have the right to demand payment when a profitable discovery derives from their tissue.” If doctors continue to shrug the issue off their shoulder, soon enough there will no longer be any patients willing to donate their human body tissue.. Since the 1950’s, people have heard of the wrong that doctors, scientists, and medical researchers did to the family of Henrietta Lacks.. They deserved monetary compensation in some form, but in return they received nothing. This could heavily influence new patient’s decisions to donate their tissue. Patients will feel as if they are the reason doctors and medical researchers are making millions of dollars off their tissue, while they sit around at home struggling to pay their medical
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