Donation Of Human Organs : Organ Donation

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Donation of Human Organs Image something tragic has happened to one of your family members. Sounds crazy right! Well what if they need a kidney, liver, or even a heart. What if they could not afford to get a transplant? What if you or someone else could donate it for them? As of June 21, 2013 there are 118,617 people waiting on life-saving organ transplant. Organ donation is a noble act, and anyone can do it. Most people that donate are the ones that do it after death. The reason for this is to help someone that needs the donation. Organ donation promotes a general principle of giving and selflessness; it would help with medical cost, and can be effective by giving someone a second chance at life. While there are penalty of reasons to donate there is one reason it is selflessness. Giving someone an organ is a selfless thing that anyone can do. Organ donation is when a donor is living with a healthy functioning organ, and decides to give it to someone who has a failing organ of their own. Donating can occur when a donor is living, but certain organs like the heart requires a heart from a person who has died. Organ donation is very important because it can determine if the person lives or died. You are not thinking of yourself, but of other people future. It is giving life to someone who needs it desperately. It’s like you are giving that person a special gift, and not wanting anything in return. I myself am not an organ donor, but looking at the research has helped
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