Donatos Pizza Case Study

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Donatos Pizza Case Study 1 ) Describe in detail the method for formulating the research question discussed in Chapter 5. Evaluate fully the wassup meetings as an exploratory methodology to help define the research question. On our course website I posted a video clip of a Donatos commercial. Indicate the unique selling proposition communicated in the commercial and briefly mention your opinion regarding the effectiveness of the commercial. 100 word minimum Donato 's Pizza uses the exploratory research to implement the stages of necessary analysis by formulated the research questions and to understand the management dilemma.Monthly Wassup Donato 's meeting is a routine where each employee brings knowledge of popular culture and…show more content…
Companies will usually target a very specific demographic or vertical to research dependent on the needs that company may have in their target marketing for products.Primary research are things like focus groups, surveys, questionnaires and interviews. It requires you to actually go out and physically collect this data and research unless you are doing a survey online in which case you wait about a week or more depending on how long you want to wait until you receive some results. Primary research is all about market research, observations and experimenting.I would classify the research Donato 's conducted as a primary research.Donato 's made a internal pilot testing by employee.The employees tasted the prototype pizza , so it is done with the organization. Secondary research is just given to you for you to absorb the information, whether it be on a computer screen that has an internet web page on it, a magazine, a newspaper, a book, a comic, a tablet, a phone, an android, a iPhone or a iPad, a leaflet, a flyer or a poster. Market and Legal research comes into secondary research. It’s all about the synthesis and collation of data.Secondary Research companies will generally use pre published data gathered by third parties and collate that data to predict outcomes of specific scenarios. Of course the data models chosen are still particular to the specified demographic and the type of
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