Donella Meadows ' Thinking On Systems

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Donella Meadows ' Thinking in Systems: A Primer, is an introductory attempt to illustrate that everything is interconnected in systems. She starts with simple diagrams of supply stocks, flow patterns, and feedback paths and shows it 's not macrocosms or microcosms, it 's a whole system prospective to problem solving. She then points to changes in a system or subsystem and how a response or a delayed response can have seen and unforeseen consequences. Participants in systems need to be intuitive, aware, and creative when considering leverage points for system change and/or redesign.

Donella Meadows explains, “The systems-thinking lens allows us to reclaim our intuition about whole systems and hone our abilities to understand parts, see interconnections, ask “what if” questions about possible future behaviors, and be creative and courageous about system redesign” (Meadows, 2008: p.6).

Or Sustainability Institute 's Diana Wright, who has edited the work indicates, “Once you start to see the events of the day as parts of trends, and those trends as symptoms of underlying system structure, you will be able to consider new ways to manage and new ways to live in a world of complex systems” (Meadows, 2008: p. XIII).

A system is a group of things organized in a structure to produce a set of behaviors. A system must consist of three things: elements, interconnection, and function. The system elements when interconnected in a structure should preform a function, yet
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