Dong Mingzhu: A Good Leader

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If you want to be a leader who attracts people being willing to follow you, there is no doubt that the characteristic traits are one of the essential parts to determine whether a person is a good leader or not. Dong Mingzhu’s success, to a large extent, is due to her attractive characteristic traits. There are four main traits, which lead her to the success. First of all, Dong Mingzhu is diligent. She became widow at 30 in 1984. When she was 36, she left her three-year-old son behind with her mother and quit her job at the government research facility in order to move to the more economically developed Zhuhai in Guangzhou Province. She became a saleswoman at Gree Electric where is a small state-owned factory that sold 20,000 air conditioners a year. However, she recovered massive debt, for instance, she only spent 40 days to make the recovery of…show more content…
Dong Mingzhu became director of the sales department in 1994 owing to increasing sales revenue seven times. Once at the interview, when she recalled what she did in 1994, she said, if l decide to do something, l want to do my best and l could proudly say that if Gree Electric did not choose me as director of the sales department in 1994, Gree Electric would have closed in 1997 (Makers, n.d.). Her words show her full of confidence that she believes herself and makes great effort to each task. Therefore, being confident is an important trait of a good leader, followers are always want to see their leader to show their decisiveness. A confident leader who is the one that clearly know what to do and how to do. By showing the confidence, people believe that you are sure about your work and will lead them to the right path so that they will determine to follow you. Therefore, when you believe yourself is weak, you will become weaker and weaker. Adversely, believing yourself, being confident will make you
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