Donna Lavonna Bergner Research Paper

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Donna LaVonna Bergner is an 88-year-old woman who goes on long jogs in the mornings, dives off of boats in the afternoon and stays awake past midnight. Her age doesn’t defy her and she is the most extraordinary woman I have ever met in my life. She lived through the Great Depression, her husband fought in World War II and she also raised seven kids. I have the great privilege of seeing Donna LaVonna multiple days of every summer and even on some holidays. When I see her, she is always in a swimsuit, old-fashioned work out clothes or either very dressed up attire. She is a very odd duck but she has been through more experiences than anyone else that I have ever met and I am very grateful for the lessons that she is able to teach. During the…show more content…
All I wanted to do was go tubing and play on the beach. In order to go tubing, my uncle, who was also the boat driver, said that I needed to try to ski. All of my cousins and aunts and uncles thought this was a good idea and they pumped my ego up into trying to do it. I remember stepping into the cold water; I could feel my leg hairs growing out of their pores due to the temperature. I slowly walked deeper into the lake so I could try to ski for the first time. I put the skis on my feet and sat in the water until my uncle started to drive. After my first attempt of water skiing I had the fresh smell of blood waft through my nose. This is not a normal scent but this happened because I hit my face on the ski falling forward. I felt the sharp pain in my nose, but it did not last very long. Thankfully for this, I did not want to give up yet. I happened to think that it was funny that I had a minor bloody nose. I saw multiple people boating, skiing, wake boarding and tubing on the lake so I wanted to get up on the skis and go join them. I tried to get up multiple times but my legs just were not strong enough and after each time that I failed, my arms grew weaker and weaker. Although all of my family was cheering for me, I grew
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