Donor Donations And The Pros Of Being Compensated With Money For Their Donation

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Abstract For the past few weeks of class, our focus was to be on the topic of organ donation. More specifically if we feel that donors should be compensated with money for their donation. Through the discussions and arguments from classmates, I have found there to be many different takes on this subject, some with which I agree and others disagree. While all arguments will lead to disagreements on some level, I have found a chance to explain why I disagree with their disagreements, while still holding strong to my belief. We learned in class that every great argument presents with the main argument and sub-arguments or premises that thoroughly elaborate on the main argument in greater detail. My goal is to enhance and enlighten your…show more content…
Secondly, the donor would be the only person not benefiting from the donation, so it only seems morally right to give back. The hospital staff are getting paid for their work and the individual receiving the organ may not be getting paid with money, but instead are receiving a very special gift. Third, the increase of organ donations due to a money incentive could potentially make donations safer by driving the Black Market to extinction. The Black Market would no longer be needed if more people are being taken off the wait list because of the increased influx of organ donations. While reiterated many times, I feel it is important to clearly convey my argument with the three premises that follow. Organ donors should be paid for their donations because it can reduce the shortage of organs, which in turn could save lives; they are doing an incredible thing for someone else, so it seems morally just; it could drive the Black Market to extinction, making donations much safer. This brings about an important word: altruism. By definition from Merriam Webster Dictionary, altruism is defined as “…feelings and behaviors that show a desire to help other people and a lack of selfishness” (2015). To me, individuals that donate their organs for another human beings prosperity can be defined as being altruistic. The shortage of organs is the biggest issue our country faces when it comes to their
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