Donovan Jacobs And The Best Lawyers Of All Of Baltimore

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Donovan Jacobs was the son of Theodore and Amitra Jacobs, the best lawyers in all of Cincinnati. Hell, they were the best lawyers in all of Ohio. They lived in the richest neighbourhood, sent their son to the leading private school, Hathaway Brown School, and made sure his grades were fine enough to get him into Harvard Law easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Donovan was a guy every girl wanted. He was tall, he was athletic, he was easy going, fun, and adventurous. He also had a charming laugh and an olive glow to his skin that just did not fade, no matter the season. Except, Donovan was not the boy he showed to his friends and everyone else at school. He had three years worth of depression and substance abuse on his shoulders, with the scars…show more content…
And when Donovan caught Michaelis staring as tossed him a lazy smile, Michaelis would try to hide the blush creeping into his face and stare back down at his homework. He would silently chastise himself for looking too long stare at his books until his brain was re-focused on AP Biology or Calculus. Michaelis had known he was gay for a long time. He had even suspected Donovan of being gay but was too scared to ask. He knew he had feelings for Donovan but pushed them down in case his best mate was heterosexual and wanted nothing to do with him that was not platonic. But when Donovan dragged Michaelis into the boys’ bathroom in the middle of a Chemistry exam during the tenth grade and omitted to him that he was gay, hope blossomed in the centre of Michaelis’ heart. Michaelis’ heart thumped in his chest on the walk back to his exam, and he could barely focus. When Donovan came out to his parents, he did not get the reaction he expected. Yes, he assumed they would be upset, maybe even slightly disappointed at first, but eventually understand and continue to love him. So when his mother stood from where she was sitting, drew her hand back, and struck Donovan across the face, he did not know what to do. Tears welled in his eyes and utter silence settled in the room. Donovan had never been a child to ask for much, for his parents gave him everything he needed when he deserved it. And he always deserved

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