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I believe that George and Mary do have a valid case to file against the Don's fast food restaurant. There is a reason that Don’s restaurant is providing burgers and food for the high schools locality which has been contracted with the school authorities. From the results of the health department’s survey showing that the food from Don’s is causing the children to develop high cholesterol and obesity, with George and Mary’s son being one of those children. There are many legal arguments which can help in the favor of the plaintiff’s case. First is the Consumer Act, their first right is to apply and know the consumer rights, because misleading trade practices is prohibited by the Act which is against the unfair or a fraudulent business…show more content…
It also declares an “unfair method for the sake of competition that affects commerce, and also being involved in the deceptive acts which affect commerce, are declared unlawful.” The Don’s restaurant is rather famous and has great market value. This means that there must be competitors in the market for Don’s restaurant to participate in various acts. The truth will be known once the investigations have been made. Injustice and deception for the consumers symbolizes two separate areas of the FTC authority and enforcement. The FTC has the authority to overtake all the unfair techniques of the competition between the businesses (Macaulay, 1979). The Federal Trade Commission also focuses on theft identity. In this, the FTC helps with the federal store for an individual consumer who complains against the issue related to identity theft. Although the FTC completely does not resolve any individual complaints, it uses accumulated information related, to decide where the federal action must be taken. The plaintiff can raise the complaint by filing the form which is available via online or phone. If the court finds any unfair practices happening during the investigation the restaurant will definitely be under investigation. As per the arguments and claims we discussed it is obvious that the plaintiff wins the case only based on the investigation the judgment has to be concluded as courts usually consider one of the main factors under the consumer acts that

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