Don't Blame Lago in Shakespeare's Play, Othello Essay

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It is very easy to blame Iago for all that occurs throughout the play. He clearly is the reason for all of the tragedies at the end of the play. Iago is the the villain in the play but he shouldn’t be the only person blamed. Othello, Cassio and other characters should be guilty for the tragedies as well. Iago sets everyone up in the play and makes them think that he is helping each of them while he is really tricking them into what he wants them to do. He does this all because he wants a higher ranking job. Othello is a very jealous person and is sensitive when it comes to Desdemona that Iago is able to trick him into thinking that she is cheating on him with Cassio. Iago takes advantage of Cassio’s youth and gets him drunk which winds…show more content…
Iago is able to uses Othello’s jealousy against him and is easily able to convince him of things. Othello is too easily convinced that Desdemona is cheating on him. Because he is so jealous he is quickly convinced through little proof that it is true and begins to trust everything Iago tells him. Othello is too jealous and caught up in Iago’s lies that he doesn’t trust her when he confronts her about everything Iago told him. He put too much trust in Iago that he ends up killing his love, Desdemona even though she was telling the truth and he was being tricked the entire time. Othello is very much responsible for what happens. He gets caught up in all of the lies and lets his jealousy overtake him. He is unable to trust Desdemona when she tells him its not true because he has becomes so jealous and angry. Rodrigo can also be blamed for what happens. Rodrigo was deeply in love with Desdemona and was very jealous of Othello and didn’t like those who also liked Desdemona. Iago tricks him that he is putting in good words for him with Desdemona when he never did and just stole his money. He tells Rodrigo that Cassio loved Desdemona also and urged him to kill Cassio. Rodrigo being deeply in love with her is easily convinced by Iago and ultimately kills him. Rodrigo is responsible for Cassio’s death as he lets his jealously of others who like Desdemona lead him to killing Cassio. Emilia is another character that can be blamed for what happens. She agrees to help
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